Welcome all Dragon Boat Teams 2023!!!

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You are currently viewing Welcome all Dragon Boat Teams 2023!!!

Welcome all Dragon Boat Teams!!!


A heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you who will be joining us at the upcoming Sinopec Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival. Your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for dragon boating are lighting up our community with excitement!

As we gear up for a weekend of fierce competition, camaraderie, and cultural celebration, we want you to know that you are the heart and soul of this event. Your presence is what transforms North Glenmore Park into a hub of adrenaline-pumping action and vibrant unity.

Whether you are a returning team or joining us for the very first time, know that you are part of a larger family that values sportsmanship, teamwork, and the joy of paddling together.

Get ready to dive into a world of excitement, challenge, and celebration. The Sinopec Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival is not just an event; it’s a journey of camaraderie and achievement.

See you at North Glenmore Park from August 11th to 13th, 2023. Let’s raise our paddles and spirits high as we embark on this incredible adventure together!

Here’s are your 2023 Dragon Boat Teams

updated: August 9th, 2023

NoTeam NameTypeCategory
1.CDBC CREW YAHOOmixedclub
5.Wood’n Eyewomenclub
6.Wood’s Homes Wave Warriorsmixedcorporate
8.Calgary Flying Dragonsmixedclub
9.Calgary Dragon Ladieswomenclub
10.Red Eyes Dragon Boatmixedclub
11.Reservoir Dolls womenclub
12.Western Canada Hubei Associationmixedclub
13.CPKC Iron Dragonsmixedcorporate
14.Team Mileswomenclub
15.* DASA Fuelledwomenclub
16.Spartans Dragonboat Teammixedclub
17.* Silver Lining Montanawomensurvivor
18.* Coulee Classic Dragonswomenclub
19.Kids Cancer Care Parent Team mixedclub
20.Ovintiv Paddles Upstreammixedcorporate
22.* SnapDragonswomenclub
23.* Coulee Cruisersmixedclub
24.Reservoir Dolls & Dudesmixedclub
25.* Breast Friendswomensurvivor
27.DRAGNUM- Dragon Boat Calgarymixedclub
28.Spartans – Aresopenclub
29.Amazon – 1 Day Shipmixedcorporate
30.Tecumseh Prairie Panthersmixedcorporate
31.* EDBRC Wahine Kei Wakawomenclub
32.GOT BEEF?openclub
33.Sistership Synergywomensurvivor
34.Sistership Phoenixwomensurvivor
35.Sistership Calgarywomensurvivor
37.Vision Buildersmixedclub
38.* Lethbridge Leftovers mixedclub
39.* DASA Nitromixedclub
40.* EDBRC High Flow Rate mixedclub
41.* EDBRC Thunder and Lightning mixedclub
42.* EDBRC 10+ AQHIwomenclub
43.Diversecities Youth Teammixedyouth
44.* Uncivil Serpentsmixedclub
45.Team Phoenixmixedcorporate
46.* Dragoonsmixedclub
47.Northwest Stormsmixedclub
48.* Oil City Crew Swamp Sirenswomenclub
49.Sinopec/Chinatown Lions Dragon Boatmixedcorporate
50.Bro Bro Bro Your Boat openclub
52.* EDBRC Closedopenclub
53.* Lethbridge Gentsopenclub

Note: * Out of Town team

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