Sinopec Dragon Boat Charity Race

Starting in 2011, the CDBS created the Dragon Boat Charity Race to help raise awareness & funds for a selected non-profit organization from the community of Calgary.

Each year, +100 participants from all levels of government, business and community, experience the spirit of Dragon Boating by paddling in race of 5 teams, while helping to raise awareness and funds for the Charity Race Recipient.

Foundation and Mission: The AHF, a non-profit organization, was established to celebrate Asian-Canadian contributions to society1. It involves over 25 community groups and 200 volunteers from southern Alberta.

Historical Significance: Inspired by the US, Teresa Woo-Paw organized Calgary’s first Asian Heritage Month event in 2001. Following its success, Canada officially declared May as Asian Heritage Month in 2002.

Community Impact: AHF aims to instill pride, continue the legacy of Asian Canadians, and influence the mainstream narrative. It’s the largest pan-Asian organization in Alberta, fostering community engagement and unity.

National Celebration: Asian Heritage Month is celebrated across Canada in May, with AHF leading initiatives in Calgary to honor the diverse contributions of Asian Canadians to the nation’s cultural fabric.

The Board of Directors are extremely proud to announce that this year’s Charity Recipient is the “Asian Heritage Foundation”

The Asian Heritage Foundation (AHF) Calgary is a beacon of cultural celebration and community empowerment. As the largest pan-Asian organization in Alberta, AHF stands at the forefront of fostering appreciation for the rich tapestry of Asian-Canadian heritage.  

With a mission rooted in instilling pride and purpose, AHF Calgary tirelessly works to continue the legacy of Asian Canadians and reshape the mainstream narrative through strategic community engagement1.


  • Instilling Pride and Purpose: AHF Calgary dedicates itself to uplifting Asian-Canadian identities, ensuring that the community’s contributions are recognized and celebrated.
  • Continuing the Legacy: By honoring the past, AHF Calgary builds a foundation for future generations to thrive upon, ensuring that the stories and achievements of Asian Canadians are not forgotten.
  • Changing the Mainstream Narrative: Through active involvement and collaboration, AHF Calgary challenges and redefines societal perceptions, advocating for a more inclusive and diverse narrative.


  • Community Engagement: AHF Calgary engages over 25 Asian-Canadian community groups and 200 volunteers, promoting unity and cooperation to celebrate and acknowledge the vital roles played by Asian Canadians.
  • Cultural Celebration: During Asian Heritage Month, AHF Calgary orchestrates a series of events that not only honor the past but also inspire the present and future of the Asian-Canadian community.

As a potential charity recipient of the Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival, AHF Calgary envisions a partnership that embodies the spirit of diversity and unity.

This collaboration would not only amplify the message of inclusivity but also support AHF’s ongoing initiatives to empower the Asian-Canadian community.

Together, we can paddle towards a future where every cultural stroke is valued and every race towards equality is won.



Representatives from the Asian Heritage Foundation (AHF) and Calgary Dragon Boat Society (CDBS) met to organize and plan the Sinopec Dragon Boat Charity Race for 2024. Left to right:  Danny Ng (CDBS), Magdalene Woo (AHF), Bill (AHF), Grace Ma (CDBS), Richard Gotfried (CDBS), Ed Tam (CDBS)

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada, a time to reflect on and recognize the many contributions that people of Asian origin have made and continue to make to Canada.

Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated since the 1990s. In December 2001, the Senate adopted a motion proposed by Senator Vivienne Poy to officially designate May as Asian Heritage Month in Canada. In May 2002, the Government of Canada signed an official declaration to announce May as Asian Heritage Month.

Mark your calendars for our Asian Heritage Month festivities this May – a celebration of diversity, unity, and culture!

Boats participating in the Dragon Boat Charity Race (200m)

Team CaptainCharity Boat Name
Billy LinAsian Heritage Foundation (AHF)
Ben YeeChinatown Community
Rebecca LiCCCA Business Team
Charlene & KarenCDBS Volunteer Squad

updated: May 27, 2024

Sinopec Dragon Boat Charity Race Program

Friday, August 9, 2024 (free admission)

Parking may be available at or near Calgary Canoe Club, and in the North Glenmore Park

updated: October 29, 2023

TimeRacing (docks)Festival & Marketplace
5:00pmCharity Race Participant Practice
– Dry Land training @ Canoe Club
– On water training @ Docks
5:30pmFestival Kickoff & Paddler’s Welcome Party!!! FREE ADMISSION!!!

Beer Gardens – Family Friendly
by Marda Loop Brewing Co.

Food Trucks on-site

House DJ
by Pro Star Productions

Silent Auction

by Sistership Dragonboat Association

Dragon Marketplace – “Sneak-a-Peek”
until 8:00pm
7:00pmWelcome Remarks

Team Captains Meeting
@ Beer Gardens
9:00pmFestival Site ClosesFestival Kickoff & Paddler’s Welcome Party – ENDS

Sinopec Charity Race Schedule (PARK AT Mount Royal University, TAKE SHUTTLES)
Sunday, August 10, 2024

FREE festival parking at Mount Royal University, FREE SHUTTLES!!! See details…

updated: August 2nd, 2023

TimeRacing (docks)Festival & Marketplace
7:00amFestival Site OpensFirst Shuttle Bus Run from Mount Royal University
(every 15 mins)

Food Trucks open for Breakfast (limited)
9:30amVIP & Charity Paddler CHECK-IN/Registration
@ Information Tent
10:00amDragon Marketplace OPENS
– 50 vendors
– 15 Food Trucks

Trico Homes KID”S PLAY Zone

Beer Gardens – Family Friendly
by Marda Loop Brewing Co.

House DJ
by Pro Star Productions
10:15amCharity Race Teams Line up
@ Information Tent
10:30amCharity Race Teams Line up
@ Marshalling area
10:45amSinopec Dragon Boat Charity Race (200m)
11:45amCharity Race VIP Lunch Reception @ Beer Gardens
– Welcome remarks
– Awards Presentations
– Food Service from 12:15pm to 1:45pm
12:00pmMulti-Cultural Performances (Global Fest)
– Yama no Oto
– Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theatre
– Azeri Calgary Stars
1:00pmRacing ResumesAsian Ethnic Dance
– Maharlika Diva’s Dance group Philippines
Thai Dance
– Thai Culture Club
Chinese Folk Dance
– Shanghai Jiang Zhe Association
1:30pmMulti-Cultural Performances (Global Fest)
– Yama no Oto
– Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theatre
– Azeri Calgary Stars
2:30pmWushu Performance
by Calgary Tai Chi and Martial Arts College
3:00pmRacing completed for the day.
3:30pmDragon Boat Awards Presentation
– Chinese Lion Dance
– Race Cup & Metal Presentations
– Dragon Boat Racing Closing Remarks
6:00pmDragon Marketplace – CLOSES
6:00pmFestival Site ClosesLast Shuttle Bus Run from Festival Site.

Kindly be aware that the event schedule is subject to unforeseen changes. Rest assured, the provided schedule represents the official timetable of the Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival, and the information on this page is the most current and accurate schedule provided by the Calgary Dragon Boat Society.

See entire Festival Schedule…