(Where To Park? Saturday & Sunday)

North Glenmore Park does have public parking available (very limited), which is first come first served basis. In order to ensure the safety of our athletes and spectators, parking is severely restricted to ensure clear routes for emergency vehicles in case they are needed during the event.

Shuttle Buses run every 15 minutes from 7:00am to 6:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)

We highly advise that you take advantage of FREE Festival parking & Shuttle buses as parking at North Glenmore Park is very limited and restricted in most areas. 

Parking at Mount Royal University – Lot A & B

Shuttle Bus transportation to/from the Mount Royal University is FREE.

  • Sorry no pets are allow on Shuttle Buses unless are service type pets.
  • Parking Authority will be at North Glenmore Park during the festival, please DO NOT park on the grass, you may be ticketed.
  • The two closest lots to the Canoe Club will be closed and reserved for vendors, festival organizers, the bus Transit and VIPs.
  • We will have parking control so please don’t try to park there as you will be turned away without a parking pass.
  • The rest of the park is open to the public and is first come first served.
  • Each team will be allowed 1 vehicle to drop off provisions for your team but you will not be allowed to stay and park.

Bicycle Parking Onsite

Bike racks located at Festival Site for those who are planning ride bikes to attend, You now have a place to park!!!


Merchants or Non-profits

Trico Homes Kids’ Play Zone

Check out this directory for a weekend of exciting and memorable offerings of quality food, services and products to our participants and spectators.

Please visit the local to support local!!!

August 95:30pm to 8:00pmDragon Marketplace “Sneak-a-Peek”
parking available in North Glenmore Park
August 10-1210:00am to 6:00pmDragon Marketplace Operating Hours
Free parking & Shuttle Ride @ Mount Royal University

Vendor Booths (from 2023)

  1. Passive Aggressive Designs Inc.
  2. Carver Maker
  3. A Wolfe’s den creations
  4. Sassy Spoon Designs
  5. Crystal Zen Shop
  6. Citrus & Spice YYC
  7. GIVYGIFT Shop
  8. Fifth Avenue Jewelry
  9. Birdie Adobes
  10. Young Living
  11. Tupperware
  12. Ophelia’s Creations
  13. Creations by Gramma
  14. Purity Shine Corp
  15. Artsy Craftsy Spider
  16. Thirty One gifts
  17. The Peaceful Forest
  18. Style In Motion
  19. Sweet Valencia
  20. Trendzy Avenue
  22. Pampered Chef – Cooks & Capes
  23. Somethin to Say
  24. Viridecent
  25. Saskia Knol
  26. Wood’s Homes
  27. Telus
  28. Canadian Blood Services
  29. Christabel Warehouse
  30. Lemon Lindy
  31. Trinity Trinkets
  32. Livlife Living Farm
  33. Under The Stars
  34. Willow Integrative Health and Wellness
  35. Craft Corner Cards
  36. Happy 50+ Assosiation
  37. ToparaD
  38. Purvit
  39. High Level Canoes and Kayaks
  40. Always Best Care Senior Services
  41. In Vok Bikes
  42. Samech 60 Enterprises
  43. Hongkongers Association of Calgary
  44. Your Home Girls
  45. Henna by Iram

August 10, 2024 at 11:00am (Saturday)

Breast Cancer Race & Pink Flower Ceremony

Special Event

August 11, 2024 at 10:45am (Sunday)

Sinopec Dragon Boat Charity Race for “Make-a-Wish”

Special Event

Food Vendors (from 2023)

  1. The Sugar Cube
  2. Daddy C’s Jerk Sauce
  3. Gummi Boutique
  4. Urban Calm Coffee Company
  5. The Honey Merchants

Food Trucks (from 2023)

  1. YYC Burgers and More
  2. Happy Hero
  3. Hungry Hero
  4. Kona Ice of Calgary
  5. Mighty Halifax Style Donair
  7. Meat Street Food Inc.
  8. Lemon Heaven/Pucker Power Inc
  9. The Nut Man Company
  10. il forno vagabondo
  11. Softee King – The Ice Cream Truck
  12. Cocobakes
  13. Arepas Ranch
  14. Lobster King – CGY 1792

*** OPEN for Breakfast @ 7:00am (SAT & SUN)

Health & Wellness

Market Mall Physio & Chiro

Kids Play Zone

Bounce your way to laughter in our Bouncy Castle

Face Painting

Beer Gardens

Family – Friendly
House DJ

Lists are sorted in the order of registration.

updated: January 2, 2024