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updated: April 23rd, 2020

There are many different types of dragon boat teams in Calgary.  Corporate teams sponsored by a company or organization will race in the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival, and there are community-based ‘club’ teams.

There are many different types of teams that participate in the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival, such as “club” teams, corporate sponsored, non-profit organizations, and teams made up of “breast cancer survivors”, young and old, novice to the “professionals”… whichever type, all enjoy the comradary of the sport of dragon boating…

Club teams generally have a longer practice season and compete at multiple festivals during the year.

If your company or organization is interested in creating a team, contact the CDBS at  registration@calgarydragonboatsociety.com  and we can help get you started.

If you are looking to join an existing team, please contact any of the teams below.


Rocksteady along with Bebop is from the TMNT. Their names are both derived from genres of music: bebop is a style of jazz; while rocksteady is a Jamaican music style, a precursor to reggae.

Contact: J – dragonboatyyc@gmail.com

Calgary Dragon Boat Club

We are a team of passionate paddlers which has been in existence for over 20 years.  Though our Team has fluctuated in its membership base over the years, the core of our Crew has consisted of two or more Teams – CREW YAHOO (mixed competitive), YAHOO EVOLUTION (mixed semi-comp), and YAHOO ANGELS (competitive women).

Our competitive team practices Thursday nights and Sunday mornings and our semi-competitive team practices Tuesday nights.  We generally travel to 3 out of town festivals each year. 

Some of our past destinations have included San Francisco, Kelowna, Victoria, Vancouver, Lethbridge and Edmonton, to name a few.

The Calgary Dragon Boat Club is always looking for like-minded members who are either new or experienced!  Dragon boating is an exhilarating, physically and mentally challenging sport – if that excites you and you are up for a challenge we want to hear from you.

Club email: cdbc_crew@yahoo.ca
Website: www.calgarydragonboat.ca
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/CDBCCrewYahoo

Calgary Dragon Ladies

You’re a badass female – and you know it. “As a Masters Team, you are over 40!”

You paddle like a girl. Others can catch up.

You’re not content to simply paddle on one boat – you want to compete in more than one competition on race day and you have the fitness level to do it. You’re willing to put in the time, you have the skill, you have the desire. 

Dedicated, committed and unrelenting – you are unabashedly you. You’ve earned your opinions, the laugh lines, the character building moments. You’re at that stage of your life where you’re defined by your actions, not by any man in your life. This spot is on our boat reserved for a woman like you. No men allowed.

Welcome aboard. Paddles up.

Contact: Jen – flyingdragons53@gmail.com

Calgary Transit Team CT

Calgary Transit is a mixed team made up of current and retired employees of Calgary Transit. Our aim is to increase our fitness level and have fun.

Contact: Mary-Ann – paddlesup@teamct.ca
Website: www.teamct.ca

Connect First Never Drag’n

Team Never Drag’n has been paddling and competing for more than a decade! We are a semi competitive group of friends and co-workers who are excited to once again spend a summer out on the water!

Contact: Sean – neverdragn@gmail.com

CDBS Chinook

World Record Attempt Team.

Contact: Derek – chinookgwr@calgarydragonboatsociety.com

Draco Sport Club

Although Draco Sports was originally founded as a competetive dragon boat team, currently Draco is a recreational team focused on enjoying our time on the water and having some fun. Draco is the team that generally gets noticed because of the energy we bring to everything that we do.

At festivals and events, Draco team members are the ones making the fun happen! We demonstrate our commitment to good sportsmanship with our enthusiastic cheers and what we affectionally call the “Tunnel of Love” – our way of congratulating our hard working team mates and racing peers as soon as they finish a race.

Draco has in the past travelled to various local competitions held in Banff and Edmonton as well as out of province to Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria.

Contact:  dracosportsclub@gmail.com

DRAGNUM – Dragon Boat Calgary

Originally forming nearly 20 years ago, Dragnum has gained a reputation as a competitive crew with a casual and welcoming approach.  We are a mixed team, and are currently lucky to have a National Team paddler for a coach!

We also often enter the women’s division at festivals by combining with other crews.  Each season, Dragnum typically participates in 3 festivals, including Calgary, with the goal of always being in the A division.

What Dragnum looks for in a paddler is someone with a great attitude, who is dedicated to improving.  You can be brand new to the sport, but genuinely love being active and fit and want to learn.  Our coach can teach you!  You can also be very experienced and looking for great workouts, skills improvement, and being a part of an awesome team.  We have members with experience at various Nationals and World events, who are passionate about dragon boat and want to share the fun with others!

Contact: Shane – shane.martin@justice.gc.ca
website: www.dragnum.com

Flying Dragons

This isn’t your first downturn. One of Calgary’s masters’ teams, the Flying Dragons team might not be considered a threat at the start line. We’re older, boisterous and fun-loving, so we get it when our competitors fail to take us seriously. Imagine their surprise when, at the finish line, our group of tenacious paddlers has kicked ass.

If you’ve paddled before or you’re wanting to learn, we are looking for paddlers to join us for the Lethbridge, Calgary and XX festivals (any of the festivals or all three).

We paddle every week, starting when the ice clears the reservoir to *just* before the first snow fall (late September) and we’d like to see you at most practices through the summer. We prefer lovely sunny weather, but we’ve been known to paddle through  rain, sleet and sometimes weird, character-building thunder storms.

If you are over 40, you’ve stayed in shape and you get a bit of a chuckle when millennials underestimate you, we’re your team. Come join us for a practice. 

Contact: Jennifer – flyingdragons53@gmail.com

Kids Cancer Care’s Speedy Kindle Parents

This team consists of a group of parents who have been affected by childhood cancer. This will be their first year competing in the dragon boat festival. They are a strong group of parents and they are excited to get on the water with all the other teams racing in the festival.

Contact: Nikki – lamarche@kidscancercare.ab.ca
Website: www.kidscancercare.ab.ca

Red Eyes Dragon Boat

Red Eyes Dragon Boat (formerly Red Eyes Paddling Club) was founded in 1998 as a team of Air Canada employees, with our name coming from the “red-eye” flights they worked. Today, we are no longer affiliated with Air Canada, but are made up  with diverse backgrounds & paddling experience. We are a competitive of men and women team and accept new paddlers yearly.

Our core beliefs are Diversity, Commitment, Courage, Integrity & Community, as we embrace each person’s individual strengths and value the strong bond of camaraderie within our team. Just like the pieces in our mosaic dragon logo, every person is integral in our journey and success.

We will challenge you with a hard workout and expect minimum commitment of two practices per week, May through September. Typically, we compete in the Calgary Dragon Boat Festival plus an additional 2-3 out-of-town festivals per year, and believe in work hard, play hard both on and off the water.

Contact: Joyce
Email: hello@redeyesdragonboat.com
Website: www.redeyesdragonboat.com


We are a group of friends who enjoy fitness, strength training and competition. What better way to do that than dragon boat racing? We seek to be the best versions of ourselves and this has positive ripple effects on our friends, family and community. We embrace our team motto “commitment, camaraderie and courage”. Our goal is to show that when we come together, when we work together, when we encourage, support and cheer each other on. We can do the extraordinary.

Website: www.spartansyyc.com

Follow us on Instagram: #spartansyyc

Contact Angela at: join@spartansyyc.com

Team Miles (Women’s)

Team Miles is made up of a group of previous or current students of Mike Miles Muay Thai. We love training together and getting out together for fun and fitness. We are a competitive bunch but our main focus is to enjoy participating as a team.

Team Miles is made up of a great group of ladies who are either current or former students of Mike Miles Muay Thai & Kickboxing.

Our goal is to do our very best and have fun out on the water!

Contact: Michelle – mdbalog@gmail.com

Wake My Day

Wake My Day is a women’s team of ladies with varying levels of paddling experience. Dragon Boating is our passion and When it comes to team spirit, we are number one. We win or lose as a team we rise or fall as a team, and we compete as one.

Contact: Gina – dragonboatspirit@gmail.com

Wood’n Eye (Women’s)

Wood’n Eye is a team of dedicated female paddlers who love paddling almost as much as we love each other. 

We take the sport seriously, but put the fun of the races and the social experiences before the priority of winning. Sportsmanship, fun, a welcoming atmosphere, and camaraderie are the foundation of our group.

Contact: waverunners.woodneye@gmail.com
website: www.waverunnersdragonboat.com


The Waverunners are an ever-evolving team of enthusiastic paddlers who love paddling and love having fun. We’ll beat you on the water, and then beat you to the beer tent. 

We take the sport seriously, but put the fun of the races and the social experiences before the priority of winning. Sportsmanship, fun, a welcoming atmosphere, and camaraderie are the foundation of our group.

Contact: waverunners.woodneye@gmail.com
website: www.waverunnersdragonboat.com