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Paddles UP!!!

Have you ever looked out at North Glenmore Reservoir and wondered what those 40 feet long canoes are and thought it might be cool to jump in one? Or Maybe you have heard about Dragon Boat racing, but not sure if it’s for you? 

Dragon Boating is for suitable for everyone! Whatever your age or fitness level – you will find the team sport fun and full of camaraderie.

CDBS will be offering “Try It Days” every Saturday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in June and July. 

There will be half hour of on land training to run through the fundamentals of the dragon boat stroke, run through some safety precautions in case of emergencies, and then we take you on the boat for an hour to an hour and a half to run through a practice. 

Equipment will be provided. Please bring water, and wear clothing and footwear you do not mind getting wet in. Bring change of clothing. 

Available dates –
Saturdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm:

  • June 3 – host team: Yahoo
  • June 10 – host team: Dragnum
  • June 17 – host team: Spartans
  • July 8 – host team: Red Eyes
  • July 15 – host team: Waverunners
  • July 29 – host team: Rocksteady

Pick one of the dates you are interested in attending register!!!

Inquiries please contact:

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