Team Festival Registrations are now CLOSED

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You are currently viewing Team Festival Registrations are now CLOSED

Paddles UP YYC!!!

The Calgary Dragon Boat Society is excited to announce this year’s teams for the Sinopec Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival, happening from August 11th to 13th, 2023!

Fifty teams in total! That’s right, we’ve got 50 incredible teams ready to make waves and take on the challenge. Last year’s 35 teams were awesome, but this year, we’re upping the ante with even more excitement and competition!

.Festival Team Name ParticipantTypeCategory
1.CDBC CREW YAHOOmixedclub
4.TC Energyzer Bunniesmixedcorporate
6.Wood’n Eyewomenclub
7.Wood’s Homes Wave Warriorsmixedcorporate
9.Calgary Flying Dragonsmixedclub
10.Calgary Dragon Ladieswomenclub
11.Red Eyes Dragon Boatmixedclub
12.Reservoir Dolls womenclub
13.Western Canada Hubei Associationmixedclub
14.CPKC Iron Dragonsmixedcorporate
15.Team Mileswomenclub
16.* DASA Fuelledwomenclub
17.Spartans Dragonboat Teammixedclub
18.* Silver Lining Montanawomensurvivor
19.* Coulee Classic Dragonswomenclub
20.Kids Cancer Care Parent Team mixedclub
21.Ovintiv Paddles Upstreammixedcorporate
23.* SnapDragonswomenclub
24.* Coulee Cruisersmixedclub
25.Reservoir Dolls & Dudesmixedclub
26.* Breast Friendswomensurvivor
28.DRAGNUM- Dragon Boat Calgarymixedclub
29.Spartans – Aresopenclub
30.Amazon – 1 Day Shipmixedcorporate
31.Tecumseh Prairie Panthersmixedcorporate
32.* EDBRC Wahine Kei Wakawomenclub
33.GOT BEEF?openclub
34.Sistership Synergywomensurvivor
35.Sistership Phoenixwomensurvivor
36.Sistership Calgarywomensurvivor
38.Vision Buildersmixedclub
39.* Lethbridge Leftovers mixedclub
40.* DASA Intimidatorsmixedclub
41.* EDBRC High Flow Rate mixedclub
42.* EDBRC Thunder and Lightning mixedclub
43.* EDBRC 10+ AQHIwomenclub
44.Diversecities Youth Teammixedyouth
45.* Uncivil Serpentsmixedclub
46.Team Phoenixmixedcorporate
47.* Dragoonsmixedclub
48.Northwestern China Comm. Assoc.mixedclub
49.* Oil City Crew Swamp Sirenswomenclub
50.Sinopec Canada Dragon Boatmixedcorporate

Updated: July 24th, 2023

Note: * are “out of town teams”

Join us at North Glenmore Park for an adrenaline-pumping weekend of dragon boat racing, cultural celebrations, and a whole lot of fun!

Shop till you drop at our vibrant Marketplace, featuring an amazing selection of vendors with delightful treasures.

Foodies, get ready to indulge in a variety of mouthwatering dishes from our fantastic lineup of food trucks! And for the adults, unwind and enjoy Live DJ music at the family-friendly beer gardens.

Families, we’ve got you covered! Let the little ones have a blast at the kids play zone, filled with exciting activities and entertainment.

Experience the richness of multicultural entertainment as we celebrate our diverse community and promote cross-cultural exchange.

This festival is all about community, sportsmanship, and coming together to celebrate our diverse cultures. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event that brings us all closer together!

Save the dates and get ready to paddle with passion! Stay tuned for more updates and surprises as we gear up for the most epic dragon boat festival yet!

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