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The Calgary Dragon Boat Society (CDBS) is looking to retain the services of an event planner to assist in the planning and execution of the 2019 Calgary Dragon Boat Festival (the “Festival”).

All proposals should be submitted to the following email;

Submission Deadline is February 20th, 2019

Only those applicants that have been shortlisted will be contacted. Thank you in advance.


The following outlines the scope of work to be included as part of the services provided by the Event Planner.


Logistics Management

Festival Event Plan (in conjunction with the Board)

  • Determine appropriate scope given budget constraints
  • Determine event schedule
  • Determine site layout


  • City of Calgary – Working with designated event liaison to meet city requirements for the festival
  • City of Calgary Building Permit
  • AGLC Permits (Beer Garden permit to be secured by Beer Garden vendor)
  • AHS Permit (for CDBS booked food trucks and vendors – Beer Garden supplier to secure own AHS permit per its AGLC requirement)
  • Food Vendor Permits
  • Fire Marshall Permit and Load Occupancy Cards
  • Street permits required for road access to the Festival site
  • Parking permits required for road access to the Festival site
  • Tracking and utility site permits
  • Tent Fire Proofing Permits and Scaled Drawings
  • Architect Final Sign-off Permit
  • City Inspector Permit
  • Sound Permit
  • Irrigation Permit if required
  • Other permits as may be identified and required

Equipment/Supplies/Miscellaneous services

  • Calgary Canoe Club rentals and arrangements
  • Tents (including chairs, tables)  
  • Fencing
  • Children’s Zone suppliers (face painting, game activation, bouncy castle, trampoline, other)
  • Food Trucks and other related food services
  • Sound Projection at festival site and race site
  • Power, generators, and electrical requirements
  • Bus shuttles
  • Shuttle parking
  • Overnight security
  • Parking control
  • Traffic control
  • Radios and supplies
  • Garbage, recycling, composting
  • Viewing bleachers
  • Medical staffing
  • ATMs
  • Portable potties, sinks, hand wash stations
  • Drinking water supply
  • Bike racks
  • Others as required

Pre Event Site Visits

Visit event site numerous occasions for layout, permits, city and park approvals, parking restrictions, traffic flow, garbage storage and removal, liaison meetings, fire marshal review, tent placements, and other meetings that arise

Sponsor Deliverables

Coordinate sponsor deliverables as confirmed and provided by CDBS (including tent, table and chair requirements and any special set up promised to sponsors)

Site Logistics

  • Paddler and spectator site entry plan
  • Parking plan for Canoe Club, vendor parking, festival-goers
  • Water/weather mitigation plan with City Parks and Glenmore Maintenance Crews
  • Signage and Banner setup plan


  • Cheque requisitions for vendor invoices submitted for payment
  • Deposits and final payment management


  • Site Maps (overall site map, individual site plans required for specific vendors)
  • City required written plans:  Emergency Response Plan, Lost Child Plan, Site Access Plan
  • Communications between CDBS, city liaison, vendors, food suppliers, and any others
  • Numerous city/park meetings with city planners and stakeholders who are responsible for North Glenmore Park
  • Debrief report

Progress Report

  • Provide reports to Board of Directors and those directly associated with the festival
  • Bi-Weekly report then Weekly (I month prior to event, format to be determined.


Prior to set up: Tuesday and Wednesday

Meet with city liaison and city representatives:  CDBS city liaison representative(s), Calgary Parks & Recreation, Calgary Parking Authority, Glenmore Park Grounds Keepers, City Waste Management, Fire Marshal, Calgary Bylaws, City of Calgary Roads and Traffic, any others that city liaison may request a meeting with.

Festival set up:  Thursday and Friday

  • Two full days of festival site set up at the site
  • Vendor management and final confirmations, vendor equipment place-setting at site, vendor inquiries
  • Manage issues that arise during set up (vendors, beer garden, parking, Canoe Club, food services, and any others
  • Pick up vendor supplies (ie radios)

Festival execution:  Saturday and Sunday

  • Two full days of festival site management and operation
  • Vendor placement and management
  • Vendor satisfaction levels/comments
  • Festival execution, scheduled timing, and complete site maintenance
  • Safety – lost children, ambulance, manage police, fire and Parks site visits
  • Parking and traffic management
  • Shuttle management
  • Volunteer key contact (CDBS manages volunteers and their roles and responsibilities)
  • Manage all volunteer lead(s) (Board will provide volunteer lead(s)
  • Coordinate all festival related activities as necessary On site issues that arise

Post festival: Monday and Tuesday

  • Vendor tear down, exits, and schedule of pick-ups
  • Full site clean up
  • Site review for any damage
  • Return of vendor equipment such as radios, etc
  • Final review of entire site to meet with City and Parks approval
  • Confirm all garbage, recycling, and composting has been cleared


  • Successes
  • Challenges
  • Recommendations
  • Final accounting and payments

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (Not included in the scope but may be requested at an additional fee to be negotiated)


  • Designing and implementing marketing plan focusing on promotions and advertisement
  • Web site maintenance
  • Volunteers – Recruitment and training
  • Participants registration
  • Event registration
  • Communication with teams
  • Identify potential Sponsors


Please note: duties will be further specified once the event plan as been designed and approved by the Board of Directors. The information below is based on the information given to date.


  • Finalize festival budget (Board of Directors)
  • Develop event schedule and event plan (Board of Directors)
  • Begin permits and license review and process
  • Progress report submitted (bi-weekly)


  • Beer Garden partner confirmation and requirements of CDBS as per Board’s signed contract with a vendor Research third party vendors
  • Progress report submitted (bi-weekly)
  • Event site visit
  • Miscellaneous (as outlined in the event plan)


  • Research and book third party vendors as appropriate
  • Research food trucks and availability
  • Manage deposits as required
  • Permits and license review and process
  • Progress report submitted (bi-weekly)
  • Miscellaneous (as outlined in the event plan)


  • Reconfirm budget and event plan with CDBS for any changes
  • Book food trucks, suppliers, and services
  • City liaisons
  • Building Permit
  • Progress report submitted (bi-weekly)
  • Miscellaneous (as outlined in the event plan)


  • Event site visit with third party vendors
  • Confirm third party vendors after BOD approval
  • Confirm vendors
  • Confirm sponsor requirements and set up
  • AHS & AGLC will be overseen by Beer Garden Vendor
  • Progress report submitted (bi-weekly)
  • Miscellaneous (as outlined in the event plan)


  • Confirm delivery date and estimated time of arrival of all suppliers and vendors
  • All other permits as required
  • Site plans developed and provided to specific suppliers/vendors
  • Event site visit for logistics
  • Event site visit with third party vendors
  • Progress report submitted (weekly)
  • Miscellaneous (as outlined in the event plan)


  • Final vendors and suppliers confirmations and instructions from the City and from North Glenmore Park
  • Food truck confirmations and placement locations
  • Pre-event meetings
  • Six days of execution as listed above
  • Post event summary report


  • Prepare post event report
  • Debrief Board of Directors


  • Prepare Event Opportunity Form and Subsidy Application Form and submit to City

CDBS Meeting Attendance

Every effort shall be made to attend meetings called with sufficient notice by the Board.

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