Paddlers’ Village Map 2022

Updated: August 3rd, 2022

Tent NoTeam Name
1Silver Lining Montana
2Sistership Synergy + Phoenix
3Breast Friends Edmonton
4a) Rock-steady
b) Reservoir Dolls
5Team Miles
6a) Calgary Flying Dragons
b) Dragon Ladies TBCC Tumornators
7Waverunners Wood’n Eye
8a) DRAGNUM – Dragon Boat Calgary
b) Spartans Dragonboat Team
9Calgary Dragon Boat Club
10Red Eyes Dragon Boat
11Cenovus FUSION
12PetroChina Phoenix – Red & Blue
13Amazon YYC-1
14a) Samaritan’s Purse
b) Wood’s Homes Wave Warriors
15a) Parents of Kids Cancer Care
b) Wahine Kei Waka
16Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club
17Coulee Classic Dragon Coulee Cruisers
19a) Team Miscellaneous
b) DASA Intimidators


  • We have had some inquiries and you may NOT set up a BBQ in or around your tent.  There are about food trucks coming to the festival.
  • You are also NOT allowed to set up your own tent.  The city does not allow personal tents to be used in the park.
  • Bring your water bottles, drinking water fill up stations are available.

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Shuttle Bus transportation to/from the Festival is FREE.

Shuttle Buses run from 7:00am to 7:00pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Bicycle Parking Onsite

Bike racks located at Festival Site for those who are planning ride bikes to attend, You now have a place to park!!!