Attention new Dragon Boat Paddlers!!! Be prepared for the GOOD and the BAD…

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You are currently viewing Attention new Dragon Boat Paddlers!!!  Be prepared for the GOOD and the BAD…

Whether you’re practising or racing in the festival, be prepared for good weather (sunny & hot) or bad weather (cloudy & rain). Regardless of these conditions, as long as paddler safety is not compromised, you will get wet from paddle splash…

What to Wear?

Clothes – Should be comfortable and are quick drying or self wicking. Here’s a here is a summary of what to wear in each weather situation:

  • Shorts, track pants, leggings are all fine options
  • Tops can be T-shirts, muscle shirts, or anything that is again tech material or light
  • Stay away from cotton clothing as they can become soaked and heavy
  • Bring an extra dry set of clothing to change into after the event, nobody wants to travel home cold and wet
  • Shoes, water sandals, Crocs, flip flops can all be worn, expect them to get soaked
  • Bug Spray – Always good to have in case the mosquitoes are bad
  • Snacks – If anyone has special dietary needs or a medical condition that could affect blood sugar levels


  • WATER BOTTLE – People will get thirsty and each person should have a water bottle with them at all times
  • SUNSCREEN – please ensure people have this so we don’t have people burning themselves on the water, the sun reflects off the water and can double burn you!
  • HAT/BANDANA – Should definitely be worn to keep the sun off your face
  • SUNGLASSES – To protect from sun and water glare, don’t wear designer glasses as they may fall off your face, into the water, and be offered to the reservoir gods.  😉


The same list as above but with some minor additions:

  • Bring a shell that can fit over existing clothing layers
  • Should block the wind and possibly the rain too
  • The hat is nice to have to keep the rain off your face
  • Sun glasses work well to keep rain and wind out of your eyes

The two weather events that could cancel dragon boating on the reservoir are high winds and lightning.  It will be the steer person’s or the City of Calgary’s discretion to determine if they feel the conditions will be safe to paddle in.

All paddlers should have read the following Society Documents;

Paddler’s must have signed an Online Registration/Waiver Form prior to paddling on the reservoir.

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