Dragon Boat Practice Team Registration

Practice Season: May 1st to September 30th

Welcome to the online Practice Team Registration System.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Registration is to be completed by the primary team contact (manager, coach, or captain)
  2. Fields marked '*' RED requires field to be filled.
  3. Enter contact and team information.
  4. Review your information is correct.
  5. After reviewing, press the "Submit".
  6. Check your email for team registration confirmation, practice Paddler Registration / Waiver Form instructions for your team members and instructions for practice request.
  7. Your team will be assigned a Team ID of which is important to remember as this will be used to link your team members to the team's roster.
  8. Note, there is no limit to the number of paddlers on a registered practice team.

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  • The Calgary Dragon Boat Society has created a directory webpage to provide all member teams an opportunity to promote themselves in the community and to attract potential paddlers who are interested in finding a team to join.

    Please select "yes" or "no" below to indicate whether your team name, bio, contact email and website will be posted on the Directory List webpage.

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