Calgary Dragon Boat Race & Festival Registration Package options

for out of town teams

Welcome to Calgary!!!

Calgary Team registration click here...

Registration deadline is July 23rd

A maximum of 70 teams will take part in the Race & Festival

See Accommodations...

Youth Package
(Out of town)

$900 per team
(18 years old and under)

  • Annual CDBS Team membership
  • Team registration for the Race & Festival

Basic Package
(Out of town)

$900 per team

  • Team registration for the Race & Festival

Team Tents in Paddler's Village

  • Tent Size (20ft x 10ft) $250
  • Tent Size (20ft x 20ft) $500

Due to City of Calgary regulations, team are not permitted to setup their own tents.

Cancellation policy:

NO REFUNDS will be given after July 23rd.


Team Registration Information

All teams must register through the online team registration process before teams are allowed to participate in the festival. All team members must also register and sign the online Paddler Registration / Waiver Form before they are allowed to paddle on water.

Team Registration Process

  1. It is the responsibility of the primary team contact (captain, coach, manager) to complete the online Festival Team Registration Form before any team member is allowed to register and sign Festival Paddler Registration / Waiver Form.
  2. Once the Festival Team Registration Form is submitted, the primary team contact will receive the following emails;
    • confirmation of Festival Team Registration has been accepted, and instructions on how to update team information in the future. A festival team ID will also be assigned.
    • instructions for team members to access the Festival Paddler Registration / Waiver Form
    • instructions to request practice sessions if applicable to your package.
    • instructions for payment, (Credit Card or Cheque)
  3. It is advisable to keep these emails for your records.
  4. Entry Fees must be paid prior to the first scheduled practice or before July 23th.


  • A maximum of 26 paddlers per registered team.
  • Your team will be assigned a Team ID and is important to remember as this will be used to link your team members to your team's roster.
  • The primary team contact will no longer be required to submit a team roster.
  • Once a team member completes the Paddler Registration / Waiver Form, a confirmation email will be sent to with instructions on how to update their contact information in the future.
  • If you have any concerns about our online registration system and your information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Entry Fees are payable must be made prior to first scheduled practice or before registration July 23th.
  • Credit Cards or Cheques are acceptable for Entry Fee Payments.
  • The following Credit Cards are accepted via Paypal:
  • Registration & Entry Fee Deadline is July 23rd
  • Important: CDBS Rules and Regulations click here...

Registration is now closed.

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