Dragon Boating in Calgary today...

Dragon boat racing today is seen across the globe in 40 different countries, becoming one of the fastest growing sports in Canada. Its broad appeal across age ranges (10–80), gender, and physical condition have made it accessible to a wide range of groups.

One notable group is the Breast Cancer Survivor Teams, comprised solely of women who have fought and survived breast cancer. There are Breast Cancer Survivor Teams in every major city across North America.

The draw to this fastest growing water sport is due to the team work involved and the camaraderie it brings amongst team members and other competing teams. This sport requires stamina, dexterity and commitment from its participants.

Every year, the Calgary Dragon Boat Society organizies the Dragon Boat Race & Festival at North Glenmore Park to show case culture and racing.

Photos speak a thousand words, but videos such as the following, speak more than a thousand words and will show you the raw emotion of the comradery, sportsmanship, dedication, team spirit, and why its so attractive.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to created these inspirational videos to share to the world.

Paddles up!!!

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